Welcome to Bordeaux

Welcome to Bordeaux

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Welcome to Bordeaux 4

Enjoy a stopover in Bordeaux !

The world capital of wine and the art of French living, Bordeaux offers the charm and splendor of one of the most harmonious European architectural ensembles of the eighteenth century. Located near a single environment, Bordeaux is also a city that combines party, great wines and gastronomy with many starred restaurants.

Bordeaux a UNESCO World Heritage

The ancient Burdigala no longer his strengths. It is the recognition of the value and heritage unit of the city, which has been modernized over the centuries without breaking with its harmony and architectural wealth. Bordeaux is the first urban distinguished by a large and complex space, boulevards to the banks of the Garonne, half of the city. With more than 350 historical monuments, a protected area of ​​150 hectares and 3 churches already classified as World Heritage monuments under the Santiago pilgrimage, Bordeaux is an architectural jewel of the eighteenth century.

The charm of Bordeaux comes from the diversity and harmony prevailing in each neighborhood. The influence of the eighteenth century, very strong around the Grand Theatre, contrasts with the narrow streets of Saint-Pierre. You sink further into the past by going to the St. Eloi area and we return to closer centuries across the square Pey-Berland, renovated for the tram to get into the architecture of the 1970 Mériadeck. Each sector has retained its character and unity that makes the consistency of all.

Finally, Bordeaux has been working for several years to enhance the banks of the river and to revive its port tradition. Thus, you will discover the development of the quays after demolition or conversion of some port warehouses in Quai des Marques, restaurants, Installation of sports equipment, skate park, gardens, promenades and the “water mirror” popular reflecting the eighteenth century architecture of the Place de la Bourse.

The redevelopment of the docks is a great success and they became a popular promenade of Bordeaux, and especially on the Feast of the River, or the Feast of alternating Wine or when broadcast on the big screen matches of world cup rugby or football. This is the culmination of the great works of revaluation under the leadership of Mayor Alain Juppé. The beautification efforts have paid since Bordeaux is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site since Thursday, June 28, 2007. It is the recognition of the value and heritage unit of the city.

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