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Bordeaux Patrimoine Mondial & ses Routes des Vins (en Français/French).

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Bordeaux 当波尔多美酒邂逅中国菜 Alliance de ses vins avec la Cuisine Chinoise (en Français/Chinois-French/chinese).

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Bordeaux Pairing Wines with Indian Cuisine. (English version)

The kind generosity of Indian chefs made this possible as they shared their recipes from across the globe, revealing the secrets of refined Indian cuisine. This culinary journey through England, India, and the USA, with the wines of Bordeaux will serve as inspiration for your wine and food pairings either at home or in a restaurant, and enable you to share in our finest wine discoveries. Indian cuisine is a harmony of seasonings and spice, allowing us to match many different wines to enhance their flavour.

In the second part of the book, you will meet the wine estates are presented, because every wine has its unique history. You can thus discover the inside story and magic of each domain. The châteaux that have a particular appeal, be it architectural, historical or ancestral and they invite you to learn some of the secrets of the quality of Bordeaux wines.

384 pages. 40 wines tasted and selected: 67 Indian recipes by chefs chosen from 3 countries: England, India, & USA. 33 Bordeaux Châteaux. 16 Master and Celebrity Chefs. This Bordeaux is a great vintage! Bon appétit!

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